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Fab academy

Inscriptions for Fab Academy, or How to Make (almost) Anything, can be found on the website:


Fabricademy, focusing on textiles, materials and fashion, is happening once a year. Find more information on the website.

Student Application Process

Academany classes run typically for six months cycles, once a year, and require a dedication of around 30 hours per week.

How does it work?

  • You have to apply to the course by filling the online form each Program offer in their websites and select a active Nodes for that cycle.

  • Central Coordination manage your application and coordinate with the Nodes.

  • Once you pass the Selection Process, Central Coordination will send accepted students a mail, with an Acceptance Letter. The letter will contain the details of the program and payment instructions.

Academany Structure


Global Lecture / Class During the class, faculty presents and explains the content of each week’s assignment

Local Instruction During the week, students will work in the Lab, with their peers and under the guidance of their Instructor, to accomplish the weekly assignments. Every Node must ensure:

  • Instruction and technical guidance to all students

  • Students support off hours

  • Students weekly evaluation

  • Archive management (setting and fixing student’s sites on GitLab)

Evaluation & Examination

The evaluation process to assess student’s progress on assignments during the cycle is comprised by 2 layers:

Local evaluation

Global evaluation

Evaluation Criteria or Assessment Standards are updated yearly.


Fab Lab community gathers in an annual Conference in a different city around the world. During these events, we organize the Graduation of Academany Students.

These events typically take place the last week of July or the first week of August, and Graduates have a free entrance ticket. More information closer to the event.

Next Conference

FAB24 – Puebla, Mexico 2024.

Past Events

FAB23 - Thimphu, Bhutan, 2023.

Bali Fab Fes – Bali, Indonesia, 2022.

FAB16 – Montreal, Canada, 2021.

FabX Live - Distributed event, 2020.

FAB15 – El Cairo & El Gouna, Egypt, 2019.

FAB14 - Paris & Toulouse, France, 2018

FAB13 - Santiago de Chile, Chile, 2017

FAB12 - Shenzhen, China, 2016

FAB11 - Boston, USA, 2015

FAB10 - Barcelona, Spain, 2014

FAB09 - Yokohama, Japan 2013

FAB08 - Wellington, New Zealand, 2012

FAB07 - Lima, Peru, 2011

FAB06 - Amsterdam, Neatherlands, 2010

FAB05 - Pune, India, 2009

FAB04 - Chicago USA, 2007

FAB03 – Pretoria, South Africa

FAB02 - Lyngen, Norway

FAB01 – Boston, USA