Why to make (almost) anything

this course, directed by acclaimed artist Olafur Eliasson, is currently under development. Instead of giving people command of the tools for making or growing (almost) anything, these classes will focus on the WHY of making.

For now this will consist of a series of lectures happening during Fab Academy - but will evolve into a standalone class. Watch this space for more.


Born in 1967, Olafur Eliasson grew up in Iceland and Denmark and studied from 1989 to 1995 at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. In 1995, he founded his Berlin studio, which today encompasses approximately ninety craftsmen, specialised technicians, architects, archivists, administrators, programmers, art historians, and cooks. In addition to realising artworks in-house, the studio contracts with structural engineers and other specialists and collaborates worldwide with cultural practitioners, policy makers, and scientists.