The next step after Fab or Bio Academy

The Academany is launching the Diploma Thesis program to nurture the development of projects within the Fab Lab Network, and to increase the impact of Fab Labs in society. The Academany Thesis aims to offer a distributed development platform for innovators and researchers within the Fab Lab network, in collaboration with worldwide experts in different fields of knowledge and practice, who want to bring projects initiated in the different Academany programs to the next step. The Diploma Thesis is aimed to have multiple exits, it could be considered as an incubation (business), research (education) or development (social) process to increase the impact of projects from the Fab Lab community.

More information

This program is also aimed at:

  • Bachelor’s or higher degree in any design or engineering degree with Digital Fabrication and/or programming experience
  • Professionals with ITC, Biology, Engineering, Design, among other application interests

The program will be held in Fab Labs alongside the existing Academany courses, and will be supported by certified instructors with previous qualifications in digital fabrication.

The program starts in September and conclude in June. Participating students must deliver a written thesis paper describing and documenting all the processes followed to accomplish the research goals. All projects should be practical, both represented on physical working prototypes and products, and in applied fields of implementation.

Thesis projects will be reviewed by the evaluation team, which will be formed by, student’s advisor, Academany scientific committee members and invited guest jury. Projects will be validated locally, and should be well documented through the online platform at the Fab Academy archive.

Projects will then be taken further by the scientific committee, taking in consideration distribution and commercialization strategies.